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How much does it cost?

SpaGuru is based on a rental pricing model. This means no upfront costs are required for the software, instead you rent the software on a month-to-month basis. You can rent the software from as little as ZAR 350 per month depending on your requirements. Please contact us for full pricing information and assistance with choosing the correct package.

Can I buy the software outright?

No, we currently only work on a subscription based licensing model.

I have 3 consultants who need to access SpaGuru from a single computer, how many licenses do I need to subscribe to?

SpaGuru is charged per simultaneous user. This means you can install the software on as many computers as you like but if you only subscribe to 1 license then only one of those users will be able to log in at a given time. So in the above example you would pay for just 1 license.

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Do I need to be connected to the Internet in order to use SpaGuru?

No, SpaGuru is installed on your local computer which means that even if your internet connection is down for any reason, you can still access all your data through SpaGuru. You do however require an Internet connection on initial setup to activate your license, and also to download periodic updates.

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What are the system requirements for SpaGuru?

SpaGuru consists of a server application and a client application. The server is where all other client computers connect to in order to store and retrieve data. Server requirements:

Client requirements:

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How do updates to the product work?

All updates and bug fixes to the product are included with your monthly subscription. Updates are deployed automatically from our central server, and each of your computers will automatically update itself as new releases become available.

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Can I access SpaGuru from home, or while I'm travelling?

Yes. In order to do this one needs to setup a static ip address to whichever computer you've installed the SpaGuru server on. This is basically an internet address that allows you to find your server on the internet. SpaGuru can assist in the setup of this address. Once setup you can access SpaGuru as if you were sitting in the office.

Please note that you would require a good internet connection (eg. ADSL) to your server computer in order for this to work reliably.

Alternatively you may want to consider our online business management software solution, CHIDESK.

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Can I offer real-time reservations on my website?

Yes. As long as the computer you have installed SpaGuru on has access to the Internet, then we can setup your system to allow for real-time reservations. You have 2 options when offering real-time availability. Either you pay your web developer to directly integrate with the SpaGuru server application. Or, you use the free SpaGuru online availability web site. If you use the free option then you can redirect users from your web site directly to a page on that provides real-time reservations for your spa.

When an Internet booking is created it will automatically appear on your SpaGuru calendar and your reception will be notified via email of the new booking.

Please note that you would require a good internet connection (eg. ADSL) to your server computer in order for this to work reliably.

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